Five Facts That Make Ants More Impressive than You Ever Thinking Off

Last night I saw another marvels-made movies. At first, I thought it will be another boring robot or heroic movies, like the predecessor (sorry marvel’s fan, but sadly I wasn’t the fan of the film until this one). Mostly, marvel’s film heavily emphasizes on the superhero stories and I feel still lack the scientific explanation during film, which I think it worth it to be explored further. If the viewer curious regarding the science underlying the technology, they must search by themselves and often it is so vague and far altered from the origin.

However, ant man is significantly different. Frankly, I can say that the film is comparable to another great sci-fi movie which receive a lot of praise such as Interstellar. Interstellar was known created by employing rigorous scientific theory and proven become the super hit movies. I don’t want to give spoiler here, but I write a little to make everything in clear. Ant man narrated about a man which he turned from criminal convict into a superhero by transforming himself into a small ant. The man able to control several different ant species by using mind (or described as neurotransmitter in the firm) and utilized the power to redirect the ant’s colony doing the beneficial works (fight against the bad intruder for example). During the film the science that underlying phenomenon was lucidly described, thus I feel satisfaction in terms of film’s logic. Thanks to this awesome film, nowadays I know that the ant able to lift an object fifty times from its weight.

After finishing the movie, I returned to my dorm and I was getting curious on how powerful the ant is. By searching a while in internet, I found this five striking facts that worth to get attention from this small creature.

  1. Ants are enormously strong                                                                                                    In the film, ants were commanded to lift a sugar box which has fifty times heavier than the body weight of ants. Surprisingly, the ants accomplished the job easily. Moreovoer, recent finding by Castro et. al (2013), particular ant species even able to lift a load equal to five thousands times heavier than the ants weight.                                                                                                                               Why this is the case is actually described by Gallileo cube theory. The theory stated that if you are shrinking, your volume is shrinking far bigger than density. Thus, you are gaining more power as you become smaller. If it is compared, an ant lift of 5000-times heavier sugar box is in a proportion with a man carry sixty elephant. That’s cool, right?
  1. Ant actually eats voraciously                                                                                                 If the amount of food consumed by ant is concerned, the fact is also astonishing. Ants actually eat anything and a lot of it. On average, ants consume food equal to third of its body weight. Compared in par, this number is actually exceed the amount of lion, tigers and wolves’s diet combined.
  1. Smelling is the primary way of ants communication

Ant’s body is actually a collection of gland. More than sixty gland are found and each secreted a type of chemical communication molecule known as pheromone. The specific pheromenon only able be comprehended by similar ants species (ants using sensitive sensor in their antenna for this purpose). Smelling offers distinct advantage over visual or sound as the ants leave trace marking the food during forage so that their counterpart recognize it and together bring the food into the nest.

  1. Ants were farming before the human did

Besides foraging, ants also obtained their diet from harvesting food from their own cultivation activities. The ant’s farmer grows their food underground. This activities were started over 150 million years ago and has been evolved ever since. An impressive achievement for species with a very tiny brain, isn’t it?

  1. Ants roamed together with Dinosaur

Ants are actually very old. Ants arose about 150 million years ago,  similar time when Dinosaur exist on earth.

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