Does Watson and Crick’s Paper on Finding the DNA structure hold the place for the most cited journal all of time? Let’s check them out!

Surprisingly it doesn’t. The breakthrough inventions such as DNA structure concoction, the observation of expanding universe or Einsten’s general relativity didn’t make a place in top 100 of most cited scientific article. Why is this the case, I’ll explore it in this writing.

Citing article means that we take the previous method, theory or though described in the former paper. If the article is cited, then it is indirectly prove the paper’s importance as well as the quality of research conducted. The system for administering the citation first devised by…. As the commemoration of the system, Nature gathered and analyzed the collection of citation’s data in order to rank the paper based on the number of its citation. The Journal where scientist publish their finding, heretofore, is assessed based on the average number of citations or namely as impact factor. The well-known scientific journal such as Nature or Science has average impact factor of 35, meaning that on average its paper was used 35 times by other researcher for reference.

However, unusual results were shown at the data. None of the best inventions receiving Noble’s prize appeared on the list, except the paper on Sanger’s DNA sequencing and PCR method. The most cited article ever was the work done by American Biochemist describing on how to quantify the protein total in a solution.

After examined the data, I found the similarity among the top-cited papers. The papers were primarily focusing on the method for measuring certain science phenomenon. All of the third best papers discussing the protocol for quantifying a protein. The paper exploring the bioinformatics approach also made on the list. Two of most popular computational methods, BLAST and CLUSTAL were among the top papers, it’s no wonder as the methods are obligatory implemented when the scientist work with the elucidation of the genomic data. Along with the rise of cheap DNA sequencing lately, the methods of comparing DNA sequences obtained from different species or known as phylogenetic also cited frequently, thus worth the place on the most used paper for reference. This phylogenetic’s papers list include MEGA, NJ method and Bayesian Analysis.

The reason underlying the result perhaps due to the habit of the researcher citing the article. Reference for method should be coming from the original paper invented it, however the theory or thought references are usually taken from the latest paper published. Moreover, the well-known theories such Darwin evolution, DNA theory by Watson often taken for granted as the theory written in almost of all foundation’s textbook of the fields. Getting curious of the rank? Go to for detailed information.

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