Tugas Pra Praktikum Biologi Sel dan Molekuler : Kuantifikasi Protein dalam larutan

  1. Explain in brief the basic principle of protein quantification using (i) Bradford (ii) Lowry  (iii) Biuret methods
  2. Most of protein quantification methods rely on the changes of protein solution after reacted with specific reagent and the changes are able to measured using spectrophotometry. What’s the difference between concept of absorbance and transmittance in spectrophotometry and is there any correlation between both parameters?
  3. What’s the function of standard curve in a protein quantification experiment!
  4. Describe the procedure for making serial dilution of 100 mM protein solution into 10, 1 and 0,1 mM protein solution
  5. You will measure the protein from several milk’s manufacturer and to determine whether the protein content matches with the one written on the label. Search in the internet the protein content of milk with brand of : (i) ultramilk (ii) frisian flag (iii) L men 2 go (iv) soya-based milk (iii) protein derived from egg’s albumen

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